Ask yourself this question...

How often do you really shoot the puck in a practice or a game?

The answer might not be as often as you may want it to be...We can not improve something we do not practice.

We have the solution!


How it works

Designed to improve your hockey shot, passing and puck handling

Created for all ages and skill levels.

Weighted resistance bands to scientifically train key muscle groups

The puck is fixed to the training device, never fetch pucks again

Work on quick release and muscle memory

Built to go ANYWHERE

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Made in Canada

The Powershooter PRO was created and is 100% made in Canada. This quality training device was scientifically proven to show results after 1 training session.

Get yours today and let the results speak for themselves!

100 mph? It's possible!


"Vraiment super comme exercices et facile d'utilisation. Fini de briser le garage, en plus un lancer puissant garantie"

Stephan Pelletier

"Conception robuste et feeling très naturel. Le meilleur outil hors glace pour améliorer la puissance et travailler différentes phases du jeu. Passes/face off et surtout tout les types de shots! Vraiment super!"

Mike Arseneault

"Très bon service! Je le recommande fortement!!"

Paul Vollant